Crossroads Shopping Center, 24260 Valencia Boulevard, Valencia, CA 91355

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Our Services - Tightening and Checking
  1. Tightening Stones: Our extra fee charged to check & tighten stones will warranty against stone loss, as long as the stones are set as described previously. Without the extra charge to tighten stones, we do not warranty the stones against loss, unless we actually set the stones.
  2. Checking Links: When asked to "check links" on rivets, chains, bracelets, clasps, etc., we cannot guarantee their loss or durability. Many items cannot be checked without taking them completely apart. This will cause the item to need repair simply because of the disassembly. Many items that are wearing "OK" today may have a problem days or weeks later. We can only guarantee items that we actually repair, not the ones that we visually inspect.
  3. Re-tipped prongs on stones: We cannot guarantee the loss of a stone when we do not re-tip or re-prong all of the prongs at the customer's request, even when we deem it necessary to repair all of the prongs or tips.