Crossroads Shopping Center, 24260 Valencia Boulevard, Valencia, CA 91355

Gold: $1202.70 - Silver: $14.08 - Platinum: $844.00 as of: 11/13/2018 | Click here for LIVE PRICE

Remark Items
  • There will be no additional charges to remake an item except those that would have been incurred by the customer in the beginning, as long as the item is remade within 60 days of the delivery date. Example: If a customer who spent $400 in the beginning has something remade now that costs $550, then the additional charge would be the difference of $150.
  • After 60 days of the date of delivery, there will be a 50% of the regular labor charge to remake the ring. This is treated just like a "Gift Item" in the next section.
  • If, after remaking the item, the amount that would have been spent is less than the original price, we will refund only the product bought (diamonds, gold, gems, etc.) as long as they are in original condition. Chains that have been cut to fit and such are not refundable.
  • The customer will be issued an in-store credit for labor and products that are not refundable. An in-store credit can be used like money in our store to purchase other items, or can be used to purchase our services or labor.